Junior English (13-16 years old)


Our Junior English Course (Ages 13-16): Empowering Language Fluency, Presentation Skills, and Confident Idea Sharing


Welcome to our Junior English Course, specially designed for students aged 13-16. Our comprehensive program aims to develop language fluency, enhance communication skills, and nurture confident idea sharing and presentation abilities.


Through a dynamic and interactive learning environment, we prioritize the development of speaking and presentation skills. Students engage in activities that encourage articulation, effective communication, and the expression of ideas with confidence. They gain the tools to engage in discussions, debates, and presentations while fostering critical thinking and creativity.


Our experienced instructors guide students in building strong foundations in grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. Through stimulating discussions and collaborative projects, students enhance their communication skills and develop the confidence to express themselves eloquently and persuasively.


We foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere, where students feel encouraged to share their thoughts, explore diverse perspectives, and refine their presentation techniques. Our small class sizes ensure individualized attention, enabling each student to thrive and grow.


Join us on this transformative journey, where language fluency, presentation skills, and confident idea sharing converge. Empower yourself with the essential tools for academic success and future opportunities.


Our Highlights


✅ Think Fast, Talk Smart - Develop quick thinking and fluent speaking skills.

✅ International atmosphere with native English speakers from England and America.

✅ Engaging interactive activities to build confidence in speaking and responding.

✅ Workshop activities featuring immersive role-playing simulations:


Asking Directions: Practice asking for and giving directions, improving navigation and conversational skills in real-life scenarios.


Booking Hotels: Learn the vocabulary and phrases necessary for booking hotels, practicing conversations with hotel staff, and making reservations.


At the Restaurant: Immerse yourself in restaurant scenarios, role-playing as customers and waitstaff, practicing ordering food, and engaging in conversations.


Debates: Enhance critical thinking and persuasive speaking skills through engaging in debates on various topics, expressing opinions, and constructing convincing arguments.


Bargaining the Price: Hone negotiation and communication skills by role-playing buying and selling scenarios, practicing bargaining and discussing prices.


Talking About the Future: Engage in conversations and presentations about future plans, aspirations, and goals, improving speaking and presentation skills.


✅ Individualized attention and personalized care for each student.

✅ Small groups limited to 6-8 students only.



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