Primary English (7-12 years old)

Our Primary English Course (Ages 7-12): Unlocking Language Skills and Cultivating Confidence


Welcome to our Primary English Course, designed specifically for children aged 7-12. Our engaging and comprehensive program is tailored to foster a love for English language learning while developing essential language skills.


Through a dynamic and interactive approach, we empower students to become effective communicators, confident readers, and skilled writers. Our curriculum encompasses a range of exciting activities, games, and exercises, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.


Our experienced teachers provide individualized attention, catering to the unique learning styles and abilities of each student. With a focus on building vocabulary, grammar proficiency, reading comprehension, and creative writing, we equip students with the necessary tools for language fluency and academic success.


Join us on this journey of exploration, where students will develop their language skills, expand their knowledge, and gain the confidence to express themselves in English.


Our Highlights

✅ Think Fast, Talk Smart - Develop quick thinking and fluent speaking skills.

✅ International atmosphere with native English speakers from England and America.

✅ Engaging interactive activities to build confidence in speaking and responding.

✅ Workshop activities featuring immersive role-playing simulations:


Restaurant: Immerse yourself in a dining experience, role-playing as customers and waitstaff, practicing ordering food, and engaging in conversations at a restaurant.


Cinema: Explore the excitement of going to the movies, role-playing as moviegoers and cinema staff, learning vocabulary related to movies, and practicing dialogues in a cinema setting.


Airport: Experience the bustling atmosphere of an airport, role-playing as travelers, airport personnel, or pilots, engaging in conversations, and learning useful phrases related to traveling.


✅ Individualized attention and personalized care for each student.

✅ Small groups limited to 6-8 students only.



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