Early Year Program (2-4 years old)


Our Early Year Program (2-4 years old)

At Classy English, families are assured that their child will be taught by experts who are dedicated to supporting students to reach their full potential. We enable our students to be lifelong learners, responsible global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

At Classy English, young children can expect to get involved with immensely fun role-play-based activities, learning and practicing English contextually: at the doctors, the shops, the zoo and much more.

Our native English speaking instructors nurture children into respectful, confident and joyful learners who are ready to start their journey to English fluency. Early Years students also learn English with songs, rhymes, and activities to boost cognitive development, as well as having with various English-based games which give students the confidence to speak English.

Classy Bear and her friends playfully introduce the English language through spirited rhymes and songs and dialogue, specially designed for toddlers which offers a lively and musical introduction to the English language.

Classy English provides a stimulating, creative and welcoming environment. We value the active engagement of children, as we believe all children must have opportunities to work together, grow, play, and explore.

Our facilities, which are designed specifically with Early Years, Primary and Secondary-aged children in mind, and are constantly updated to meet the needs of our students. All areas are spacious, with modern furnishings and carefully designed to reflect the needs of the child.


Our Highlights


✅ Think Fast, Talk Smart - Develop quick thinking and fluent speaking skills.

✅ International atmosphere with native English speakers from England and America.

✅ Engaging interactive activities to build confidence in speaking and responding.

✅ Workshop activities featuring immersive role-playing simulations:


Ice Cream Shop: Step into the delightful world of an ice cream shop, role-playing as customers and shopkeepers, practicing ordering ice cream flavors and engaging in fun conversations.


Farm: Explore the wonders of a farm, role-playing as farmers, animals, or visitors, learning farm-related vocabulary, and engaging in interactive conversations.


Airport: Experience the excitement of an airport, role-playing as travelers, airport personnel, or pilots, practicing conversations related to check-ins, boarding, and airport procedures.


Hospital: Dive into a pretend hospital setting, role-playing as doctors, nurses, or patients, learning medical vocabulary, and engaging in dialogues that simulate real-life hospital scenarios.


✅ Individualized attention and personalized care for each student.

✅ Small groups limited to 6-8 students only.


Visitors: 1,169,249