English for Kids (4-6 years old)



Our English for Kids Program (4-6 years old) : Creating a Fun English Learning Experience

At Classy English, we make learning English a delightful experience for young children. Through engaging role-playing activities, students explore real-world settings like the doctor's office, store, and movie theater, using English in practical scenarios.

Our dedicated teachers foster a positive environment, helping kids develop courtesy, self-assurance, and confidence in their English skills. Through exciting games, songs, rhymes, and fun activities, children enhance their cognitive, speaking, and listening abilities.

Our English workshops focus on role-plays, equipping students with the necessary communication skills for everyday situations. We prepare them for future education and life beyond the classroom.

Classy English offers a stimulating, creative, and welcoming environment. We prioritize children's active engagement, providing opportunities for collaboration, growth, play, and exploration. Our modern, child-centric facilities are continuously updated to cater to the needs of our students.



Our Highlights

✅ Think Fast, Talk Smart - Develop quick thinking and fluent speaking skills.

✅ International atmosphere with native English speakers from England and America.

✅ Engaging interactive activities to build confidence in speaking and responding.

✅ Workshop activities featuring immersive role-playing simulations:


Supermarket: Experience shopping at the supermarket, practicing English vocabulary and communication skills while picking items and interacting with others.


Airport: Explore the airport environment, role-playing as travelers, airport staff, or even pilots, engaging in conversations, and learning useful phrases related to traveling.


Hospital: Have fun pretending to be doctors, nurses, or patients, while learning medical vocabulary and practicing dialogues in a hospital setting.


✅ Individualized attention and personalized care for each student.

✅ Small groups limited to 6-8 students only.

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