Phonics and Literacy Program

Phonics and Literacy Program 

Unlock the Magic of Reading and Writing!



Welcome to the Phonics and Literacy Program!

At Classy Phonics and Literacy, we're passionate about the power of words. Our Phonics and Literacy Program is designed to ignite a love for reading and writing in children of all ages. Whether your child is just starting their literacy journey or seeking to enhance their language skills, our program offers a nurturing and engaging environment.


What to Expect

  • Reading Adventures: Dive into a world of stories and unlock the magic of reading through phonics fundamentals.
  • Expressive Writing: Develop storytelling and creative writing skills, expressing thoughts with confidence.
  • Effective Communication: Enhance verbal and written communication skills, promoting clear expression.
  • Literacy Enrichment: Immerse in diverse literature, fostering a lifelong love for reading.


Program Highlights

  • Phonics Mastery: Expert instructors ensure confident and skilled readers through comprehensive phonics instruction.
  • Writing Workshops: Engage in interactive workshops, crafting stories and poems.
  • Storytelling Performances: Showcase storytelling talent, boosting self-esteem and public speaking skills.
  • Literacy Challenges: Participate in friendly competitions, encouraging growth and achievement.


Don't Miss Out on the Fun!

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Join Us on a Literary Adventure Today!

Unlock the magic of reading and writing with Classy Phonics and Literacy. We can't wait to embark on this literary journey with your child!


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