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Kids' Art Workshops 

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At Holly’s Art Gallery, we're dedicated to nurturing imagination and inspiring artistic expression in children. Our Kids' Art Workshops are thoughtfully designed to encourage young artists aged 2 and up to explore the world of art in a supportive and creative environment.


What to Expect

  • Diverse Art Forms: Explore various artistic styles from painting to sculpting, nurturing unique talents.
  • Express Yourself: Convey thoughts and emotions through art, boosting self-expression and confidence.
  • Hands-On Creativity: Engage in creative projects, fostering skills and appreciation for the process.
  • Color and Composition: Discover color theory, composition, and art history, enhancing artistic knowledge and creativity.


Program Highlights for Kids

  • Gallery Exhibitions: Showcase young artists' work, fostering accomplishment and pride.
  • Nature-Inspired Art: Create art inspired by nature, including outdoor sessions and natural materials.
  • Art Exploration: Encourage experimentation and innovation in artistic discovery.
  • Artistic Celebrations: Join special art events, building community and camaraderie. Don't Miss Out on Creativity! 


Don't Miss Out Creativity! 

Encourage your child to express, create, and inspire with Classy Art Studio's Kids' Art Workshops. 


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Let your child unleash their inner artist and inspire the world with Classy Art Studio's Kids' Art Workshops. We can't wait to see their imagination soar!



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